The Snow Queen’s Charm

Turquoise, a color from a beautiful gemstone originated from Turkey. The gemstone itself in many cultures has been esteem as holy stone, a bringer of good fortune.

It’s blueish green is 70% blue and 30% green. The beautiful color has been used to decorate many majestic mosque and palaces in Turkey and Iran.

In the fashion world, this color is never been left behind for charming, elegant, and powerful look.


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The Mother Nature herself has used this color not only for the beautiful gemstone but also to pain the beautiful feather of peacocks. It symbolizes vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection, & watchfulness. Peacock is also seen as an earthly manifestation of the phoenix, the symbol of empress in imperial Chinese.



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And in fairytale, we often relate to how the Snow Queen wears this color to rule.

Power and charm are what inspired me when using this color for this dress. When someone dress in this color she should be surrounded by the charm of the Snow Queen and the power of an empress.

She should also shine like the gemstone, and be center of the attention like a peacock displaying feathers.


.Image source: INSTAGRAM

I can’t wait any longer to design news dress with this color.




The ‘I DO’ Crew

Talking about wedding, we never forget about the presence of bridesmaids, agree?

They are so important in wedding party, that’s why most of brides-to-be pay a lot of attention when prepping for bridesmaids too.

They play very important role as the ‘I DO’ crew for the happy bride from comforting the often nervous bride to dancing wild in the after-party. No wonder, these girls are chosen from the best of the best best-friends of the bride.

They know the whole love story of the bride and groom, and also might have lent a hand to the bridezilla.

I was so happy to work for this beautiful blue dresses for these beauties. This time the wedding theme is rustic garden party.


Each bridesmaid had different design for their own dress as you can see. This to represent the unique character of each individual yet they’re connected with uniformity of the color.

I put floral brocade on their dresses too, for we know it’s a garden party so no one would deny flowers.


And when each of them was paired with the groomsman, you can see how perfect it was. I can’t wait to work for another bridesmaid’s dress, it always excite me.

The Baliness Touch

Kebaya is out national pride. Across the archipelago, almost every region has its own version of kebaya.

Refashioning Indonesian traditional pattern has been my passion in fashion world. My final project as a fashion school student was full of or traditional patterns and designs.

I was so challenge when I received this request to work on traditional wedding dress, this time Baliness kebaya.

Bali is known for its richness of culture, craftmanship and artistics work. My last visit to Bali inspired me a lot.

From the color of Baliness patterns, to their custom and everyday life. I came out with the design in short time, for it has inspired me all over the time.

My client wanted to look like a Baliness royalty on her special day, yet simple. We know Baliness real traditional wedding is so complex and far from simple, so the Baliness daily life inspired me to draw out this design.

Photos by: Attimo Photography

The Promise of Rainbow

White is a general color people want for their wedding gown and them, so beautiful it symbolizes purity in so many cultures.

Living in culture rich Indonesia, I do understand that wedding comes in so many colors. 

But one day, my client wanted it to be’colorful’. I loved her idea to have rainbow as the theme color for her wedding. I was assigned to design gowns for her Mom, Mom-in-law, and sister. For me it was a challenge.

I do love rainbow, who doesn’t anyway. My mind was full of cotton candy, unicorn and flowers right away.

I put some floral touch on this design, because I believe every bride wants to be surrounded by flowers when it comes to wedding.
And yes, She did love it.

Mom and sister-in-law also looked so perfect and happy in their gowns, I really love this feeling when I saw smiling family in the happy day and my works were part of it.

And for me this moment is the best. 

When she came to me with rainbow as theme color, and the story behind the choice — rainbows symbolizes hope and promise like their wedding– I immediately wanted to make her looked like princess surrounded by dreams and loves.

Fairy Godmother

I was thinking for a mini dress design for a girl who wanna celebrate her birthday, the first thing popped-up in my head was it should be blue, just like Cinderella’s gown.

Then suddenly there was a play in my head, me as the Fairy Godmother, and my client as Cinderella. My magic wand (pencil indeed) was dancing on a paper for a blue mini dress just for her.


Of course Cinderella’s blue is the inspiration, but my touch was indeed floral. My Cinderella wanted her mini dress showered in petals, and I made some combinations here and there to fulfill her request.

I needed to hurry this time, the request came in short timeline. Even in the movie Fairy Godmother told said “even miracles take a little time“, right?


And I worked my magic here, with my love to details of three dimension embroidery, hand-stitched on top of jacquard fabric.


Voila, the day had finally come and I happily looked at my beautiful young Cinderella standing beautifully entering the new phase of her life. Happy birthday sweetheart, thanks for awakening my inner Fairy Godmother.


“Stay GOLD!”, I said and I believed it would never fail.

It was my reaction, when my client came to me with this brief: BALL GOWN.

She wanted to look GLAM that night, and there is no color could go better and more glamorous than GOLD. In my mind I could see her sitting perfectly in simple silhouette ball gown with golden thread jacguard fabric.


It came in floral pink blossom motives, so tender and feminine. The rose gold we all love, it sparked in an intricate way, I bet she would have caught everybody’s attention walking to the room.


Day or night, this gracious gold will never fail. She looked just so strong, feminine and gracious in the same time, attention-grabbing and of course GLAMOROUS as she wished.


I have to thanks GOLD again this time, It has never failed to inspire me. Traditional or modern, when you ask GLAM then my answer will eternally “Stay GOLD”.

The Pink We Love

They said “The color pink makes everything look pretty”, don’t you agree on this. Let me add up something here, pink also make everything feel so lovely and sweet. It’s the color in your mood when you listen to Mozart.

I have always been inspired by this universal color of love, especially when it comes to designing dresses like this one.


Lovely perfect for pre-wedding photoshoot, right?


Inspired by Chinese warrior armor, especially at the shoulder structure of this dress, it gives the strong and feminine look for whoever wearing it. It’s a modern dressed, inspired by 40s Shanghai women.


The best material for this is organdy silk, woven silk with golden threads in the traditional pattern of Songket.

Here, I never loosed my sight in refashioning our traditional pattern. It emulates luxury and elegance, the best for wedding occasions like this.


What do we do?

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