The Snow Queen’s Charm

Turquoise, a color from a beautiful gemstone originated from Turkey. The gemstone itself in many cultures has been esteem as holy stone, a bringer of good fortune.

It’s blueish green is 70% blue and 30% green. The beautiful color has been used to decorate many majestic mosque and palaces in Turkey and Iran.

In the fashion world, this color is never been left behind for charming, elegant, and powerful look.


Image source: INSTAGRAM

The Mother Nature herself has used this color not only for the beautiful gemstone but also to pain the beautiful feather of peacocks. It symbolizes vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection, & watchfulness. Peacock is also seen as an earthly manifestation of the phoenix, the symbol of empress in imperial Chinese.



Image source: Pinterest

And in fairytale, we often relate to how the Snow Queen wears this color to rule.

Power and charm are what inspired me when using this color for this dress. When someone dress in this color she should be surrounded by the charm of the Snow Queen and the power of an empress.

She should also shine like the gemstone, and be center of the attention like a peacock displaying feathers.


.Image source: INSTAGRAM

I can’t wait any longer to design news dress with this color.




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