The ‘I DO’ Crew

Talking about wedding, we never forget about the presence of bridesmaids, agree?

They are so important in wedding party, that’s why most of brides-to-be pay a lot of attention when prepping for bridesmaids too.

They play very important role as the ‘I DO’ crew for the happy bride from comforting the often nervous bride to dancing wild in the after-party. No wonder, these girls are chosen from the best of the best best-friends of the bride.

They know the whole love story of the bride and groom, and also might have lent a hand to the bridezilla.

I was so happy to work for this beautiful blue dresses for these beauties. This time the wedding theme is rustic garden party.


Each bridesmaid had different design for their own dress as you can see. This to represent the unique character of each individual yet they’re connected with uniformity of the color.

I put floral brocade on their dresses too, for we know it’s a garden party so no one would deny flowers.


And when each of them was paired with the groomsman, you can see how perfect it was. I can’t wait to work for another bridesmaid’s dress, it always excite me.


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