The Baliness Touch

Kebaya is out national pride. Across the archipelago, almost every region has its own version of kebaya.

Refashioning Indonesian traditional pattern has been my passion in fashion world. My final project as a fashion school student was full of or traditional patterns and designs.

I was so challenge when I received this request to work on traditional wedding dress, this time Baliness kebaya.

Bali is known for its richness of culture, craftmanship and artistics work. My last visit to Bali inspired me a lot.

From the color of Baliness patterns, to their custom and everyday life. I came out with the design in short time, for it has inspired me all over the time.

My client wanted to look like a Baliness royalty on her special day, yet simple. We know Baliness real traditional wedding is so complex and far from simple, so the Baliness daily life inspired me to draw out this design.

Photos by: Attimo Photography


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