Fairy Godmother

I was thinking for a mini dress design for a girl who wanna celebrate her birthday, the first thing popped-up in my head was it should be blue, just like Cinderella’s gown.

Then suddenly there was a play in my head, me as the Fairy Godmother, and my client as Cinderella. My magic wand (pencil indeed) was dancing on a paper for a blue mini dress just for her.


Of course Cinderella’s blue is the inspiration, but my touch was indeed floral. My Cinderella wanted her mini dress showered in petals, and I made some combinations here and there to fulfill her request.

I needed to hurry this time, the request came in short timeline. Even in the movie Fairy Godmother told said “even miracles take a little time“, right?


And I worked my magic here, with my love to details of three dimension embroidery, hand-stitched on top of jacquard fabric.


Voila, the day had finally come and I happily looked at my beautiful young Cinderella standing beautifully entering the new phase of her life. Happy birthday sweetheart, thanks for awakening my inner Fairy Godmother.


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