“Stay GOLD!”, I said and I believed it would never fail.

It was my reaction, when my client came to me with this brief: BALL GOWN.

She wanted to look GLAM that night, and there is no color could go better and more glamorous than GOLD. In my mind I could see her sitting perfectly in simple silhouette ball gown with golden thread jacguard fabric.


It came in floral pink blossom motives, so tender and feminine. The rose gold we all love, it sparked in an intricate way, I bet she would have caught everybody’s attention walking to the room.


Day or night, this gracious gold will never fail. She looked just so strong, feminine and gracious in the same time, attention-grabbing and of course GLAMOROUS as she wished.


I have to thanks GOLD again this time, It has never failed to inspire me. Traditional or modern, when you ask GLAM then my answer will eternally “Stay GOLD”.


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